Strengthening Humanitarian Response System

As a landlocked country with a rugged topography, facilitating incoming humanitarian response from regional and international partners to a major disaster will be challenging. Nepal has one international airport in Kathmandu and only three major roads lead into the valley, none of which are resilient to a major earthquake. The inability to facilitate international assistance from outside the country will hinder Nepal’s ability to effectively respond to a natural disaster.

The National Disaster Response Framework (NRDF) of the GoN outlines the need to develop clear and concise plans to strengthen disaster response.  This framework includes amongst others the further strengthening of the GoN cluster system, the formation of effective disaster risk management systems and institutions at district, regional and central level and the establishment of a stronger search and rescue capacity.

Flagship 2 is bringing together partners from the UN Humanitarian agencies, the concerned governmental and non-governmental stakeholders from national, regional and global level to strengthen response systems within Nepal through standardizing processes for the cluster system and testing of plans (including simulations and trainings).