Nepal Risk Reduction Consortium (NRRC) Concept Notes Flagship II Emergency Preparedness and Response Capacity

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Nepal Risk Reduction Consortium

The NRRC Flagship II aims to enhance the Government of Nepal’s ability to effectively respond to natural disasters at the national, regional, and district levels. The Koshi floods of 2008 highlighted the urgent need for effective disaster response measures to be in place at all levels with sufficient and suitable capacity to respond to large disasters. Therefore, Flagship II activities target strengthening the Government’s ability to lead the coordination of in-country resources in an emergency including the various line Ministries and security forces, and smoothly integrate incoming international assistance. Flagship II activities also target key sector specific areas with line ministries to enhance technical capacity for emergency response, including in water, sanitation, camp management, health, and search and rescue. Flagship II activities are all deemed urgent and are already underway through Cluster1 preparedness plans that are connected with the Flagship objectives.

Despite agreement on the priorities and the demonstrated need to further all activities Flagship II is currently less than twenty per cent funded and this document therefore is a call for donor interest.

A Flagship II Advisory Committee has been formed. This Advisory Committee has oversight and decision making responsibility to ensure comprehensive programme implementation, monitoring and reporting and to undertake fundraising on behalf of the Flagship It includes representation from the Ministry of Home Affairs, UN OCHA, the Humanitarian Country Team Clusters, the Nepal Red Cross Society, UNDP, AIN/DPNET, and donors (USAID/OFDA). MOHA, supported by UN OCHA, leads Flagship II and ensures that regular external communication is maintained.

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