Highlights from Nepal Earthquake 2015: A Socio-Demographic Impact Study
Published: 2016
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International Organisation for Migration (IOM)
Assessment of Emergency Top-Up Cash Transfer Programme for Vulnerable Groups in Nepal
Published: December 2015
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Disaster Risk Profile and Existing Legal Framework of Nepal: Floods and Landslides
Published: December 2015
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Surya Gaire; Rafael Castro Delgado; Pedro Arcos Gonzales
Key Recommendations for Gender Equality Mainstreaming in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Humanitarian Response: Lessons from the earthquakes in Nepal
Published: October 2015
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Inter Cluster Gender Working Group Nepal
Hello Money: The Impact of Technology and e-Money in the Nepal Earthquake Response
Published: October 2015
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Cash Coordination Group (CCG) Nepal
Building Resilience in Nepal Through Public Private Partnerships
Published: October 2015
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World Economic Forum
Nepal Earthquake Appeal Response Review
Published: September 2015
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USAR Nepal Earthquake Response
Published: August 2015
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Real Time Evaluation of World Vision’s Response to the Nepal Earthquake Emergency
Published: July 2015
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World Vision International
Community Perceptions in Post-Earthquake Nepal
Published: July 2015
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Inter Agency Common Feedback Project