Evaluation of Community Feedback in Shaping Humanitarian Response
Published: April 2016
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Inter Agency Common Feedback Project
Rapid and Near Real-Time Assessments of Population Movements using Mobile Phone Data Following Disasters: The 2015 Nepal’s Earthquake
Published: April 2016
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Flowminder Foundation
Did the Humanitarian Response to the Nepal Earthquake Ensure That No One Was Left Behind?
Published: March 2016
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Save the Children in Nepal
Lesson Learned in the Nepal Food Security Cluster
Published: February 2016
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Global Food Security Cluster
Lessons Learned in the Urban Response Initiative – Nepal Earthquake Emergency April 2015
Published: February 2016
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Global Food Security Cluster
Humanitarian Response Coordination and Cooperation in Nepal – Coping With Challenges and Dilemmas
Published: February 2016
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Kees Boersma; Julie Fergusen; Femke Mulder; Jeroen Wolbers
Emergency Response Preparedness Plan Nepal for Earthquakes (ERP Earthquakes)
Published: February 2016
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Humanitarian Country Team Nepal
Cash as an Emergency Response for Vulnerable Groups in Nepal
Published: January 2016
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Lessons Learned in the Nepal Food Security Cluster
Published: 2016
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Food Security Cluster
Highlights from Nepal Earthquake 2015: A Socio-Demographic Impact Study
Published: 2016
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International Organisation for Migration (IOM)