Challenges to Principled Humanitarian Action: Perspectives from Four Countries (incl. Nepal)
Published: July 2016
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Norwegian Refugee Council
Nepal Earthquake 2015 - Review of Surge Practices
Published: July 2016
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CHS Alliance
Disaster, Disability & Difference
Published: May 2016
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UNDP Nepal
Post Disaster Recovery Framework (PDRF) 2016-2020
Published: May 2016
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Government of Nepal / National Reconstruction Authority
Evaluation of the MISP for Reproductive Health Services in Post-earthquake Nepal
Published: May 2016
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Women's Refugee Commission
Inclusive Humanitarian Action: A Study into Humanitarian Partnership Agreement (HPA) Agency Practice in the Nepal Earthquake Response
Published: May 2016
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Humanitarian Advisory Group
M7.8 Gorkha, Nepal Earthquake on April 25, 2015 and its Aftershocks
Published: May 2016
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Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI)
Review of the Humanitarian Response in Nepal – A Focus on Inclusion and Accountability
Published: April 2016
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Humanitarian Coalition
Evaluation of Community Feedback in Shaping Humanitarian Response
Published: April 2016
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Inter Agency Common Feedback Project
Rapid and Near Real-Time Assessments of Population Movements using Mobile Phone Data Following Disasters: The 2015 Nepal’s Earthquake
Published: April 2016
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Flowminder Foundation