Community-Based Early Warning Systems for Flood Risk Mitigation in Nepal
Published: March 2017
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Paul J.Smith; Sarah Brown; Sumit Dugar
Integrating Aftershock Forecasting into Humanitarian Decision-making: Lessons from the April 2015 Nepal Earthquake
Published: December 2016
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M.Hope; J.McCloskey; D.Hunt; D.Crowley
Forecast Based Flood Preparedness in Nepal - Stakeholder Consultation Workshop
Published: December 2016
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WFP & Practical Action
After Action Review of Nepal Earthquake Response - Final Report
Published: November 2016
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UNDP Nepal
International Response to 2015 Nepal Earthquake - Lessons and Observations
Published: October 2016
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Centre for Non Traditional Security Studies (NTS)
Lifeline Infrastructure and the UN Disaster Resilience Scorecard
Published: September 2016
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M. Francis; M.R.Z. Whitworth
The 2015 Nepal Gorkha Earthquake: An Overview of the Damages, Lessons Learned and Challenges
Published: September 2016
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H.Hazarika; N.P.Bhandary; Y.Kajita; K.Kasama; K.Tsukahara; R.K.Pokharel
Women in Nepal and Post-Earthquake Humanitarian Responses: An Observation over three Months
Published: September 2016
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Logistics Capacity Assessment Nepal 2016
Published: September 2016
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World Food Programme
Communicating with Disaster-Affected Children
Published: September 2016
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Plan International