Study on Earthquake Disaster Mitigation in the Kathmandu Valley

The Government of Japan, through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the official implementing agency for Official Technical Cooperation, dispatched a preliminary survey team to Kathmandu in August 2000 and exchanged a Scope of Work and Minutes of Meeting with HMG. Nippon Koei Co. Ltd. and OYO Corporation were contracted by JICA to conduct this study from January 2001 to March 2002. The resulting report, "Study on Earthquake Disaster Mitigation in the Kathmandu Valley" is presented herein.

The goals set in this study are focused on;

Global Earthquake Safety Initiative (GESI) Pilot Project

This report summarizes the GESI Pilot Project. Chapter 1 describes the problem this project addresses. It documents the increase of earthquake risk in developing countries over the past century, and proposes that the persistence of this risk is due to low awareness of the risk and of affordable means to manage it. Chapter 2 describes a method that GHI developed over the last two years to assess community earthquake safety. This method is designed to raise awareness of the world's rapidly increasing urban earthquake risk and to identify the most effective ways to manage it.

A Needs and a Capacity Assessment of Fire Preparedness in the Municipalities of Nepal

The objective of this study was to assess existing capacities, identify gaps and propose a way forward. The study methods included a review of secondary information, including existing laws, policies, guidelines, and strategies and collection of primary information through consultation with duty bearers, rights holders and stakeholders in fire risk management. A detailed checklist designed to assess current technical, financial, managerial and institutional capacities, identify issues and concerns and to map a way forward was designed and materialized.


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